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Mummy-Approved: Kid-Friendly Halloween Tips

Our family looks forward to Halloween every year! It is a holiday filled with costumes, candy, pumpkins and creepy crawlies. As parents, we want our little ghouls and goblins to have the most spooktacular time while staying safe and enjoying all the festivities. I've put together this guide that is mummy-approved, to ensure that your Halloween celebrations are a treat, not a trick!

Money Saving Costumes:

  • Target has a great selection and sometimes have amazing deals. Click the link to see:

  • Always check your local children's consignment stores. If you're in SWFL, you'll want to look at Once Upon A Child ( or Twinkle Twinkle Little Store.

  • Walmart is another store that has a great selection. Click the link to see:

  • Let your creativity shine and make your own costumes at home. It's a great bonding experience for the family. Pinterest is your bestie for all the Holiday DIYs.

  • Reuse costumes from last year. I personally like to buy them a size up so that they can use them again the following year. Another great option is to check Facebook market place or local mom groups. You'll be surprised how many local parents are willing to trade costumes or just hand them over for free.

  • Spirit Halloween is giving back! When you shop at any of the participating Spirit Halloween stores or online, show them the coupon below at the register or use the code DONATE23 online and save 10% on your entire order, and 10% of your order will be donated to St. Joseph's Children's Hospital!

SWFL Halloween Events:

Halloween Nights in the Gardens : Wonder Gardens Every Thursday and Saturday in October

You've Been Boo-ed Baskets:

  • Be sure to take a look at this fang-tastic article written by Hannah: In this post, Hannah offers some wonderful and straightforward suggestions for creating "You've Been Boo-ed Baskets." What exactly are Boo-ed Baskets? They're a popular Halloween tradition where friends, family or neighbors secretly deliver treats and surprises to their friends or neighbors to spread the joy of the season. What sets Hannah's ideas apart is her eco-friendly focus, providing alternatives that are kind to the environment and great for our children. After all, holidays should be about enjoyment, not stress. This is 100% mummy-approved, and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did

Trick-or-Treating & The Switch Witch:

  • Things to bring on Halloween night: Wagon, cooler with drinks, snacks, flashlights, bug spray, and first aid kit.

  • Always accompany young children and ensure they stick to well-lit areas.

  • Teach kids to stay on sidewalks and only cross the street at crosswalks.

  • Inspect all candy before allowing your child to eat any. Look for tampered packaging or allergens.

  • The Switch Witch: Looking to handle that extra Halloween candy stash? Two years ago, I discovered The Switch Witch, a tradition my kids look forward to. On Halloween night, they pick their favorite candies, leaving the rest in a bag on the doormat. The Switch Witch and her candy-loving cat fly in, collecting the candy for a magical trade! In return, she leaves a special toy. My kids are always so excited as they eagerly await the Switch Witch, keeping the Halloween spirit alive and candy in check! I like to donate the candy to local businesses.

Halloween Themed Meals:

  • Monster or Spider Burgers

  • Monster or Spider Chicken Sliders

  • Spaghetti and Meatballs (eyeballs)

  • Ghost or Pumpkin Pizza

  • Colorful Cold Pasta Salad

  • Stuffed Peppers Jack O Lantern

  • Mummy Chicken Pot Pie

  • Finger Hotdogs

  • Mummy in Blanket (Pigs in a Blanket)

  • Batty Chicken Noodle Soup

  • Vampire Pancakes

  • Spider Web Quesadilla

*So many more halloween inspired dinners can be found on Pinterest

Creating Memories:

  • Take lots of photos to capture your child's Halloween memories.

  • Encourage creativity and imaginative play to make the holiday magical.

  • Make sure all your phones and cameras are charged incase your battery runs low at any Halloween events you attend.

  • Tripods!! They're the best when wanting group pictures and no one is around to help.

Halloween holds a special place in our hearts, and we eagerly anticipate its arrival each year. The combination of costumes, candy, pumpkins, and all things eerie and mysterious never fails to bring a smile to our faces. As parents, our primary goal is to ensure that our young trick-or-treaters have a safe and memorable experience while fully immersing themselves in the spirit of the season.

With this Mummy-Approved: Kid Friendly Halloween Tips, I hope to help you create a Halloween that is truly spooktacular. By prioritizing safety, fostering creativity, and emphasizing the joy of community and family, we aim to make this holiday an unforgettable, delightful adventure for all. May your Halloween be filled with laughter, surprises, and wonderful memories! Happy Halloween, Friends!



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