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Dive Into the Magic: The Little Mermaid Splashes onto the Paragon Theaters Big Screen!

Belcher Family Blog received an invitation from Paragon Theaters to attend the much-anticipated screening of Disney's new movie, The Little Mermaid! Join us as we dive into the captivating world of Ariel and her underwater adventures, all while enjoying all the exceptional amenities provided by Paragon Theaters

Axis15 & Axis15 Extreme: Exclusive at Paragon Theaters

Where are my movie lovers? Have you ever heard of Axis15 and Axis15 Extreme? These are exclusive innovations that will revolutionize your movie-watching experience! With Axis15, they're taking movie viewing to a whole new level by physically tilting the screen by 15 degrees. Say goodbye to strain and hello to optimal viewability as you recline in their luxurious leather seats, enjoying every frame from the perfect vantage point. Paragon Theaters takes pride in their groundbreaking technologies that are exclusively designed to elevate your movie experience to new heights.

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Lux Box Seating

Experience luxury with Paragon Theaters exquisite lux box seating. Indulge in the ultimate comfort as you sink into plush leather chairs, designed for maximum relaxation. You can adjust the seat warming feature to your desired level, ensuring a cozy and enjoyable movie-watching experience. This was perfect for me because I am always cold.

The seats can recline and there's a moveable tray, complete with a cup holder, that adds an extra touch of convenience, allowing you to enjoy your favorite snacks and beverages without missing a single moment of the film. With lux box seating, Paragon Theaters ensures that every aspect of your visit is nothing short of extraordinary.

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Our Order and How We Placed It: A Recap of our Dining Experience

With the help of QR codes, we were able to order food and beverages directly from our seats. This hassle-free approach ensured that we didn't miss a single moment of the film, as our delicious treats were promptly delivered to us. As parents this was also super helpful to us because we didn't have to worry about standing in long lines with our kids.

Here is what we ordered:

  • Pizza & Chicken Tenders served with Fries

  • Soda & Lemonade

  • Michael had a Corona Beer & I had a Pineapple Mango Citrus (adult beverage)

  • 4 popcorns & M&M Candy

The Lot Bar & Lounge

Located inside Paragon Pavilion, The Lot Bar & Lounge presents a delightful array of beverages and food. With comfortable tables and chairs, it provides the ideal setting for a pre or post-movie dining experience. The Lot Bar & Lounge stands as another fantastic option, inviting you to unwind and savor delicious offerings as you bask in the ambiance of Paragon Theaters.

Here is their menu for drinks & food:

Lobby at Paragon Pavilion

The moment you walk up to the counter, you'll be greeted by a wide array of snacks and refreshing beverages to choose from. From classic movie theater popcorn, perfectly popped and buttered, to a great selection of candies and oh my gosh, nachos! There's something for everyone. The friendly and attentive staff ensure that your visit is met with warm smiles and efficient service.

Thank you Paragon Theaters

We would like to thank Paragon Theaters for inviting Belcher Family Blog to come watch The Little Mermaid movie on opening day. It was an unforgettable experience for our family. From the luxurious lux box seats, impeccable service, and attention to detail created an ambiance of comfort and enjoyment that elevated our movie-watching experience to new heights. When the lights dimmed and the film began, we were transported to a mesmerizing underwater world filled with mesmerizing music, breathtaking visuals, and a heartfelt story that deeply touched our hearts. We hope everyone feels inspired and watches the movie soon. It was precious! Thank you Paragon Theaters for treating our family to a nice family outing.

$5 Tuesdays Paragon Theaters

$5 Tuesdays

Elevate your movie-going experience without breaking the bank. Every Tuesday, you can enjoy the latest releases for just $5! Whether you're a movie enthusiast or looking for a fun weekday activity, this budget-friendly offer is perfect for everyone. This offer excludes holidays, IMAX and subject to other studio restrictions.

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