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Conservancy of SWFL

Updated: May 2, 2023

In honor of Earth Day, Madison and I were invited to come attend Little Explorers class at the Conservancy of SWFL. Here is everything I think you need to know before visiting!

**This adventure was hosted**

Little Explorers Program

The theme for Little Explorers class was The Lorax. Madison had so much fun playing and reading about how The Lorax is trying to save all the Truffula trees. Towards the end, she was able to make her own Truffula tree to look after. How cute is that?! It is also one of our favorite movies.

Invasive Species & More

We spent almost 4 hours exploring the conservancy and really enjoyed seeing all the new exhibits they added. It is always so exciting when we visit because somehow we always see the fish and crabs being fed. When you get to the big tank, look closely, there is a eel resting on the coral.

Touch Tank

You will get a visual of what a turtles nest looks like and our favorite, the touch tank! Make sure to wash your hands first and then head over to the steps to touch and see all the different creatures they have.

Snakes, Alligators, Oh My!

Their newest expansion to the conservancy is the John & Carol Walter Discovery Wing. It features interactive educational experiences where you will get to learn about all of the invasive species in Florida and all about climate change.

Become A Vet For The Day

Grab a coat, stethoscope and a clipboard, your little ones will get to be a junior veterinarian! This room is so informative and educational. They will get to go around and "help" the different animals who have been injured in a collision with a car, swallowed trash or orphaned. Super cute to see their imagination and determination.

Boat Tours

Head on over to the Allyn Family Dock for a 45min cruise down the Gordon River. This is included with your admission ticket. The boats depart every hour from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Although they say reservations are not required, I recommend walking up to the stand by the dock and adding your name to their list so you are guaranteed a seat. Life jackets will be available for little ones and something to keep in mind, only children ages 2+ can go on the boat. Towards the end of your boat tour, make sure to walk up to the sign up desk and ask them for a JR Boat Captain Certificate. Free souvenir!!


I HIGHLY recommend getting a membership with the conservancy! Something I like to do is ask our family to gift my kids memberships for their birthday. With the membership you can also visit many other places which you can find the list on their website. My top two favorite are The Everglades Wonder Gardens and Rookery Bay. As a stay at home mom, this gives me and the kids something to look forward to during the week and the best is when my oldest is on break from school. It is amazing how much the kids learn. It is so worth it!

Thank You!

I want to thank the Conservancy of SWFL for inviting Madison and I! We had a wonderful time and look forward to coming back!

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